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How to count number of words in the text?

Use word-counter.app. Paste the text into a single field on the site and you will immediately know the number of words, characters and lines in the text.

How to count number of words in Google Docs?

You can open Google Docs in the first tab, word-counter.app in the second. When you are writing a text, when you want to count the number of words or characters, copy the text from the document and paste it into our website.

How to count number of words in Word?

Same as Google Docs.

How to make a word counter in Python?

To make a simple word counter in Python, you can use the built-in functions and data structures. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a word counter program in Python:

  1. Open your Python editor or IDE.
  2. Define a function that takes a string input as an argument.
    def word_counter(text):
  3. Convert the input string to lowercase to avoid counting the same word twice.
    text = text.lower()
  4. Use the split() method to split the string into a list of words.
    words = text.split()
  5. Create an empty dictionary to store the word count.
    word_count = {}
  6. Loop through the list of words and update the word count dictionary accordingly.
    for word in words:
      if word in word_count:
        word_count[word] += 1
        word_count[word] = 1
  7. Return the word count dictionary.
    return word_count
  8. Test the function by calling it with a sample string input.
    text = "This is a sample text with words to be counted. The words should be converted to lowercase to avoid counting the same word twice."

The output of the above program will be a dictionary with the word count for each unique word in the input string.